David Perdue slammed by former Trump aide for 'racist dog whistle' against Stacey Abrams
David Perdue (Official portrait).

Former Donald Trump aide Alyssa Farrah called out fellow Republican David Perdue on Tuesday for using "racist dog whistles" to attack Democrat Stacey Abrams.

Abrams gave a speech over the weekend in which she essentially argued Georgia has focused too much on making itself a friendly climate for businesses while not doing enough to improve the overall quality of life, and she cited the state's maternal mortality, the high prison population and a host of other issues.

Perdue pounced on the statement by claiming that she hates the state. He then told her to go back to where she came from, a phrase often used against people of color by whites presuming that America is somehow theirs.

"But I actually think he said something more offensive on the campaign trail which is 'she's demeaning her own race' when she says that" cited Farrah. "Talking about Black people being on farms."

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"I love that he's talking for Black people," Whoopi Goldberg cut in.

"Well, first there's that, but... this is what drives me crazy. I worked with Sen. Perdue when he was in the senate. He was a successful businessman, he's catering to the absolute worst part of the Republican Party," said Farrah.

"Well, he must be showing his true colors," said Goldberg.

"That must be it," Farrah conceded.

See the video below: