While promoting her new book, former senior White House counselor Kellyanne Conway dished to the women of "The View" about her conflicts with Donald Trump's son-in-law Jared Kushner.

According to Conway, they clashed from day one.

"I'm telling you the truth. I'm telling the truth about the way Jared got in my way," said Conway. "Alyssa [Farah] was there. She knows it. He got in my way and all Donald Trump asked us to do was work together and I had been pushed aside by so many men throughout my political and professional career, and here was my shot. Donald Trump empowered me, he put me at the top of his campaign, almost the moment Donald Trump won Jared was getting in my way."

She went on to say that Kushner was telling television producers not to book her anymore.

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"We've known you as conservative for years in this town, why is he saying don't invite her to the meeting," Conway recalled folks asking her. "We were in the hallway, outside his office, around the corner from the president's office early on, he said, no one knows what you do around here. They see you on magazines, he said — he who was on the cover of Fortune and TIME magazines. He said, we see you on the cover of magazines, but you're at an effing 2 you need to be at a 10. Then he walked away."

She went on to recall Kushner's freakout over the president adding Conway to handling specific policy issues.

"Then he said why are you on TV talking about that you're going to work with opioids and veterans," she recalled Kushner saying. "He said, 'you're offending the people who are going to work on opioids and veterans. Why do you think you can do that?' I said, 'The president said I could put it in my portfolio.' That's not good enough."

She went on to note that Kushner was given a vast portfolio of duties he had no experience performing, and went so far as to call it "Take Your Kid to Work Day."

Conway then blamed Kushner for screwing up the campaign by blowing through $1.4 billion and having Trump go to rallies in places like Oregon where he was never going to win anything. That's the reason Conway thinks Trump lost the Midwest, "then [Kushner] jets off to the Mid East."

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