Trump lawyer whines he was ‘marginalized’ during trial: ‘I simply was not comfortable asserting myself’

New details are emerging about the chaos that occurred with Donald Trump's legal team during his second impeachment trial.

On Tuesday, The New York Times published a deep-dive titled, "Stumbles, Clashes and Egos: Behind the Scenes With Trump's Legal Team." The newspaper said the report was "based on interviews with a half-dozen members of the legal team and others involved in the process."

One of those interviewed was impeachment lawyer David Shoen, who complained about his role, saying the defense team was taken over by lawyers Michael T. van der Veen and Bruce Castor.

"Again, the president made clear that I was to take the lead and do most of the presenting," Schoen said. "However, when Bruce came in, he brought his partner Mike and several other lawyers to help them. He immediately began setting an agenda and assigning roles. My role was marginalized."

Schoen said his failure as an advocate was the problem.

"My personality is such that I simply was not comfortable asserting myself and I just accepted the agenda and figured I would just do the best job I could at whatever I was assigned," Schoen said. "That was my mistake and my shortcoming."

Schoen said he wishes he had done a better job keeping Trump in the loop.

"I think I let him down," Schoen said.