New bodycam video shows terrified cop attacked, tased and knocked unconscious by Capitol attackers
CNN's Don Lemon and DC Cop Michael Fanone (Photo: Screen capture)

A new video was released from DC cop Michael Fanone that came from his bodycam during the Jan. 6 attack.

Revealed on CNN Don Lemon's Wednesday show, the horrifying scene unfolds as some in the crowd ask others not to hurt Fanone. At one point, when he is tased he can be heard saying, "I have kids."

Fanone was tased, beaten unconscious and had his badge, gun and taser taken during the attack. Wednesday, the Justice Department revealed that they have charged Thomas Sibick, a New York man, responsible for taking the badge and radio, the Daily Beast reported.

As Lemon shows in the video, Fanone is knocked unconscious, "and when he came to all he wanted to know was did we take the door back?"

In a House hearing today, Republicans downplayed the violence saying that the attackers were just "tourists" and even "patriots."

"I got him! I'm his partner!" his law enforcement partner says as they're seen carrying Fanone. "Hang on buddy. It's Jimmy. I got you. Hang on buddy."

Fanone has tried to reach out to Republican House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) to talk about the Jan. 6 attack. When he called the office, they hung up on him and have refused to talk to him. When Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA) tweeted about it, McCarthy's office called Fanone a liar.

See the shocking videos below:

shocking dc cop body cam of capitol attack

horrifying body cam video from capitol attack