'Defiance of reality': CNN's Chris Cuomo tears into Greg Abbott for blowing up COVID-19 safety measures
CNN anchor Chris Cuomo (screengrab).

On CNN Tuesday, anchor Chris Cuomo laid into Gov. Greg Abbott (R-TX) for his decision to lift all business restrictions, including a statewide mask order, put in place to protect the public from COVID-19, even as his state is trailing the nation in vaccines administered.

"The head of the CDC just said, we must be careful, especially if relaxing any protective measures," said Cuomo, who himself contracted COVID-19 last year. "So, what did Texas announce right after that? The governor announces they are throwing caution to the wind and reopening 100 percent. The same governor who did not prepare the state for bad weather, is now leaving it exposed to a deadly virus. Just as hope is on the horizon."

"This is about denial," said Cuomo. "It's about defiance of reality. It's hurting us as much as COVID."

Watch below: