Nicolle Wallace tells Dems to call GOP's bluff: You want the classified info the DOJ sought — so do we!
Donald Trump and Sean Hannity (Fox News/screen grab)

MSNBC host Nicolle Wallace was supposed to be on vacation this week, but popped into her regular show to encourage Democrats not to kowtow to Republicans' rantings about investigations and hearings into the recent search warrant executed at Mar-a-Lago.

She began by attacking the Republican response to the news as "asinine" and confessed she was "horrified."

"But I will say this: If it does cause them to rally around Trump because his criminality is so concerning around national security that they had to go search his house for the documents in question, bring it on. I mean, if that's their guy, if their guy is such a threat to U.S. national security that the FBI had to apply for a warrant and go search it, and they want him to be their standard bearer, right at the point where they're about to flush the toilet of him — as we learn more and more about how he flushed documents down his toilet — go ahead."

She went on to tell Democrats that they too should be willing to conduct their own probe into what happened in the FBI search.

"You want to know why DOJ had to go search Mar-a-Lago for classified information? Make it bipartisan. We want to know too!" Wallace said. "I think it's time for Democrats to say, if you want this guy, you can have him. You want oversight over the government? That's a good idea. We have too many Americans who don't trust politicians and the government. We'll help you in that, but don't turn it into a circus. And I think if anyone is aware of the kind of B.S. games that Republicans are playing, it is the very, sort of, slow-moving and methodical leaders of this Justice Department.

Wallace also pointed out that having Fox hosts conduct their own freakout on national television is only going to make things worse for them.

"I thought that someone like Steven Ayers, an insurrectionist testifying about how he was duped, not just by Donald Trump but by Sean Hannity and Laura Ingraham and Tucker Carlson and all these morons parroting things they knew were lies," she continued. "And we saw what they were texting the chief of staff. If they parrot lies about DOJ, which is pursuing an incredibly aggressive investigation into Hunter Biden, more aggressive than anything Bill Barr did, they will be peddling more lies, the kinds of lies that ruined Steven Ayers' life. And I don't have any sympathy for Steven Ayers, but I think it's instructive to watch the base call for protest or chaos or disrespect for the FBI, is a new horror, and a new low for the right, which is so far down on the low road, they can't see the sky anymore. And I think their reaction over the last 24 hours has been disgusting."

Wallace closed by questioning why Garland cares so much about national security and classified information, but not about preserving an American election.

"What it tells us is that what [Garland] is going to have to defend in terms of the history of the Department of Justice in this country is that if classified information was serious enough to search Mar-a-Lago, and to take from Mar-a-Lago — Donald J. Trump's safe, isn't democracy and crimes committed against democracy just as sacred?" she asked.

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Former Republican Nicolle Wallace tells Democrats to call GOP's bluff