EMT called to the scene with George Floyd says there’s no reason cops shouldn't have done CPR
Derek Smith and Derek Chauvin kneeling on George Floyd (Photos: screen captures)

During Thursday's questioning during the Derek Chauvin trial, one EMT revealed that there was nothing preventing officers or anyone else from doing CPR on George Floyd.

Testifying in the afternoon, paramedic Derek Smith said, "Any layperson can give chest compressions. There's no reason Minneapolis (police) couldn't have started chest compressions."

It's a similar claim that firefighter/EMT Genevieve Hansen made Wednesday when she said that over and over she yelled at police officers to do CPR on Floyd and that he was dying under Chauvin's knee. She offered to do it but officers refused, staying put in holding down Floyd. She also offered to walk the officers through how to do CPR if they didn't know how and didn't want her to step in while off-duty. She was rebuffed again.

Once Floyd's body was loaded into the ambulance, she called 911 to report what she'd seen. Hansen was at the scene before paramedics were, and she said that she believes she watched Floyd die in front of her.

See Smith's comments in the video below: