Derek Chauvin juror: 'I saw no remorse' for George Floyd's death in his face

This week, speaking to multiple news networks, Derek Chauvin juror Brandon Mitchell opened up about the experience — and what led him to convict the former Minneapolis police officer for the murder of George Floyd.

Sitting in the courtroom, said Mitchell, was like "watching somebody die on a daily basis." Mitchell, who is Black, debunked right-wing notions that racial protests or the comments of politicians had any bearing on their decision, saying, "We were really just locked in on the case. I mean, those things are just so secondary because you're literally, throughout the trial, watching somebody die on a daily basis, so that stress alone is enough to take your mind away from whatever's going on outside of the four walls of the courtroom."

Ultimately, said Mitchell in an interview with CNN, one thing that struck him about Chauvin was his apparent lack of any guilt or shame over Floyd's death. "His demeanor kind of changed to more of a confused look as this isn't how it's supposed to go ... I didn't see any remorse," said Mitchell.

Chauvin was convicted on multiple charges of murder and manslaughter. He will be sentenced in coming weeks.