DeSantis nominee who pushed preaching about Jesus to students has his confirmation blocked
Florida Governor Ron DeSantis visits 2019 Miami Open at the Hard Rock Stadium in 2019. (Leonard Zhukovsky /

Although Florida's legislature has typically acted as a rubber stamp for Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, one of his nominees for the board of trustees at the New College of Florida was a bridge too far.

Florida Politics reports that the Florida State Senate this week declined to confirm Eddie Speir to the board of trustees at the college after some members raised questions about his stated determination to preach the teachings of Jesus to students.

During his confirmation hearings, this stance earned skepticism from State Sen. Tina Polsky, who is Jewish.

“There are several, quite a few, other religions including my own that do not follow Jesus Christ,” she told him. “So how are you going to be a trustee over thousands of students and faculty and just be completely focused on your religion?”

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Speir, for his part, blamed interim New College President Richard Corcoran for his failure to get confirmed as a member of the board.

"I am confident it was Richard Corcoran working with his political allies to block me," he claimed. "It is easy to see why. I was resistant to being ‘handled and managed.’ I pushed to operate as an independent board. I was also very involved on campus, meeting with as many students, faculty and staff on a daily basis. This meddling proved too much, even though most of our political and educational views align."