Detroit files case for sanctions against Sidney Powell and Lin Wood  — including disbarment
Sidney Powell with Rudy Giuliani at elections press conference (Photo: Screen capture)

The city of Detroit has officially filed its motion to sanction President Donald Trump's ally-attorneys Sidney Powell and L. Lin Wood.

According to Reuters reporter Brad Heath, the motion isn't just about sanctions. However, it asks that Powell and Wood also be sanctioned for "false and frivolous claims while seeking relief with massive implications for our democracy."

"The City also served Plaintiffs with a Motion for Sanctions under Fed. R. Civ. P. 11 on December 15, 2020," the case continued. "Plaintiffs did not withdraw or correct any of the false factual allegations and frivolous legal theories in their pleadings during the 21 day 'safe harbor' period. Thus, this Motion is timely."

The footnote explained that they sent an email to serve Powell, but never got a response.

"Sanctions pursuant to the sub-rule should be imposed against Plaintiffs and their counsel because they initiated the instant suit for improper purposes, including harassing the City and frivolously undermining 'People's faith in the democratic process and their trust in our government,'" the case also said. "Opinion and Order Denying Plaintiffs' 'Emergency Motion for Declaratory, Emergency, and Permanent Injunctive Relief,' ECF No. 62, PageID.3329-30."

Read the full suit here.