Devin Nunes demands a 'normal world' where at least 300 people investigate Hunter Biden's laptop
Fox News/screen grab

Former Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) on Sunday said that at least 300 people would be investigating Hunter Biden's laptop in a "normal world."

During an appearance on Fox News with host Maria Bartiromo, Nunes connected Russia's possible invasion of Ukraine to the Biden family.

"Where are we today?" Nunes asked. "Remember, the invasion of Ukraine started in 2014 under Obama and Biden. It was the Obama-Biden administration that wanted to give them blankets and then it was this Hunter Biden laptop where the information existed when they were impeaching a president over this, clearly, the information was out there that it was really the Bidens who had issues, not just with Ukraine, taking money from Ukraine, but also Russia, also China."

According to Nunes, Russian President Vladimir Putin smells weakness in the United States.

"And I believe what they're going to do is, you know, probably, you know, force the hands of the Ukrainian people and basically put a choice in their hands of do they really want to fight and have bloodshed or is Putin going be able to install someone that he can control?" the former congressman said.

Bartiromo wondered if Biden has "conflicts of interests" that were dictating his decisions around Ukraine.

"This is major evidence that sat on that laptop," Nunes replied. "The FBI had it for over a year and nothing was done with it. So in a normal world, unlike the one that we live in now with this dystopian media that we have and social media, you would have hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of media folks, reporters, investigative reporters doing work on this."

"Sadly, you've only had a few," he added. "The American people deserve the right to know, what is it that the Russians, the Chinese or the Ukrainians have on politicians in this country. That information is known to the FBI, but yet, the American people still don't have a clue."

Watch the video below from Fox News.