Capitol rioter’s weekly ‘Trump Train’ parades are embarrassing residents in his Montana town
Henry "Hank" Muntzer (Missoula County Detention Facility)

A Capitol rioter has been organizing weekly "Trump Train" parades beginning at his Montana appliance store — which is adorned with QAnon slogans.

However, one resident said the parades have become an embarrassing "joke" in the small town of Dillon, according to a report from the Montana Standard.

Henry "Hank" Muntzer, who's been organizing the parades, is vowing to beat the charges against him stemming from the Jan. 6 riot — and threatening to sue the federal government over his arrest.

"Not only will I be cleared, they are going to pay me a huge premium for this," Muntzer told the newspaper, wearing a T-shirt imprinted with the mug shot from his arrest.

Following last week's Trump Train parade, Muntzer appeared at a rally with fellow insurrectionist and "Cowboys for Trump" founder Couy Griffin, who told a crowd at the Frontier Event Center that the former president was anointed by God.

"If God wanted Donald J. Trump to be in that office right now you can bet your boots he would be," Griffin said. "I believe with all my heart that the election was stolen."

Muntzer said the weekly parades will continue until Trump returns to office — which he says will happen before the end of this year. He is the owner of Dillon Appliance, which features murals and slogans including one that says "Deep State Cabal."

Last week's Trump Train parade included about 11 vehicles, according to the Standard. One counterprotester, Army veteran Mike Mosolf, stood across the street from Muntzer's appliance store holding an anti-Trump sign.

"Mosolf's wife, Diane, said in an email before the event Friday that she believes many people in Dillon think of Muntzer's slogan-bearing appliance store as an embarrassment," the Standard reported.

"The Trump Train, as it's called, is a joke," Diane Mosolf wrote. "Most people have gone on with their lives and accepted the election. We are almost a year into Biden's election now. The drivers of the Trump Train live in their own world."