'I would willingly do it again': Capitol rioter says Trump 'invited' him to be there
Landon Copeland at Capitol attack (Photo: Federal court documents)

This week, Fox 13 News interviewed Landon Copeland, an accused Capitol rioter from Utah who made national news after a bizarre pre-trial hearing in which he shouted "I object!" in response to criticisms of former President Donald Trump and screamed that the court clerk was "evil."

Copeland doesn't appear to have any remorse for his actions. Indeed, he told Fox 13 that Trump invited him to the Capitol and that he would do it all over again.

The report noted: "When asked what encouraged Copeland to go to Washington in January, he replied: 'Police brutality, mostly. Unfortunately, this is not just a problem of the left ... I have been homeless and incarcerated — my vehicle searched without warrant, my person searched without warrant, my home searched without warrant.' As for President Donald Trump, Copeland explained, 'He invited us to be there.'"

"I do believe that the jury, whenever they stand there, they will see me as nothing more than a soldier trying to defend his people from the people who were attacking them," said Copeland in the interview. "And whatever the cost may be I would willingly do it again for the people that I love."

Numerous Capitol rioters have used the defense that Trump, who promoted conspiracy theories the election was stolen for weeks, effectively gave them permission to storm the building, although legal experts do not believe this defense will be effective.

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