‘Do not question my procedure’: Judge overseeing ‘Kraken’ case slams attorney who tells her ‘I am not a potted plant’
Sidney Powell Screen capture

A federal judge overseeing a sanctions hearing for several attorneys who are alleged to have filed false documents in cases supporting Donald Trump's lie that the election was stolen and Joe Biden won as a result of massive fraud blasted those lawyers on Monday.

U.S. District Judge Linda Parker already was not pleased with the attorneys, after ordering them to appear en masse before her via Zoom, and they tried to send other lawyers to represent them, which she refused to allow.

Among the attorneys facing possible sanctions are Sidney Powell and Lin Wood.

On Monday, one attorney reportedly began to cry. Hours later, another attorney, Donald Campbell, delivered a most disrespectful diatribe to Judge Parker, and got smacked down in response.

"If this is the subjective nature in which this court is going to view the sanctions questions, which usually are objective, what can I do? But objectively, seriously?" Campbell, apparently the lead lawyer representing the attorneys who are facing sanctions, asked the judge in a stunning lack of decorum.

""The word 'perplexed' is what you think is worth the time of all the lawyers, your staff, on this proceeding, to talk about sanctions?" Campbell continued.

"And I ask you did you really think it was worth it to file in support of your claims they have taken up the time, energy, and space over these last several months?" Judge Parker asked, rhetorically.

"So I would caution you to do not question my procedure. I'm here to question what you've done sir. I'm here to evaluate," Parker added.

"I am not a potted plant," Campbell replied, speaking over Judge Parker. "I will represent my client."

"That is quite fine," Parker responded. "Don't worry about what I'm doing at this point, you are here to answer my questions."