Dog trainer flies to Ukraine to save 35 military dogs

A Southern California dog trainer had 35 German Shepherds located in Kyiv who were trained to assist military and law enforcement but were trapped in their kennels when Russia invaded Ukraine. Realizing that the dogs faced certain death, he flew to Ukraine to save them, according to the I Heart Dogs blog.

“Every single step of the way, there was somebody telling me I’m not of sound mind,” Chris Jimenez said. “But at the end of the day, I ask these dogs to do amazing things for their K-9 handlers. They run through gunfire, they take on assailants, it seems right to return the favor.”

After setting up a GoFundMe, Jimenez raised the $40,000 he needed to get the dogs back to the United States.

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When the dogs made it back, Jimenez realized that they weren't in their usual good spirits, but now, they’re slowly gaining their confidence back while he tries to find them homes.

“It’s a lengthy process because these dogs are so special, they just can’t easily be adopted out,” said Jimenez.