How the DOJ assembled a ‘brain trust for high-level advice’ on their Donald Trump investigation

There have been major moves by the Department of Justice in recent weeks as Attorney General Merrick Garland reportedly considers naming a special counsel to oversee the investigations into the former and likely future presidential candidate.

On Thursday, CNN reported DOJ is "also staffing up its investigations with experienced prosecutors so it’s ready for any decisions after the midterms, including the potential unprecedented move of indicting a former president."

DOJ has reportedly assembled a team to think through the implications.

"The Justice Department has brought in a brain trust for high-level advice on the Trump investigations, according to people familiar with the moves," CNN reported. "Top Justice officials have looked to an old guard of former Southern District of New York prosecutors, bringing into the investigations Kansas City-based federal prosecutor and national security expert David Raskin, as well as David Rody, a prosecutor-turned-defense lawyer who previously specialized in gang and conspiracy cases and has worked extensively with government cooperators."

CNN noted Rody recently "left a lucrative partnership at the prestigious corporate defense firm Sidley Austin" to join the DOJ.

The DC US Attorney’s Office is also staffing up.

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"A handful of other prosecutors have joined the January 6 investigations team, including a high-ranking fraud and public corruption prosecutor who has moved out of a supervisor position and onto the team, and a prosecutor with years of experience in criminal appellate work now involved in some of the grand jury activity," CNN reported. "Taken together, the reorganization of prosecutors indicates a serious and snowballing investigation into Trump and his closest circles."

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