Don Jr was questioned by New York AG in Trump Org investigation — and Ivanka is next: report
Donald Trump, Jr. and Ivanka Trump at the 2016 Republican National Convention. A NBC News photo by Ida Mae Astute, via creative commons.

On Tuesday, MSNBC reported that two of former President Donald Trump's children are being questioned as part of a probe by New York State Attorney General Letitia James, into the tax and business practices of the Trump Organization — after considerable effort to try and get out of sitting for depositions.

Former federal prosecutor Harry Litman broke down the significance of the story.

"Some new developments into the investigation of Trump by AG Letitia James," said anchor Alicia Menendez. "Ivanka will be questioned later this month and Donald Trump Jr. was questioned earlier last week. I wonder what that tells you about the state of this investigation."

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"She's going at it very aggressively," said Litman. "Again, it's a civil suit. It's by the state of New York, and they are saying your organization was completely improper in how it was run. The court said, you've got to sit for a deposition and answer questions, Donald Trump. He fought like hell to get out of it, unsuccessfully, and now he's supposed to sit down next month."

As Litman noted, Trump Jr. still has ways of trying to stonewall the probe.

"He's got cards to play, and he'll play them," said Litman. "First he'll say, what do I know? I didn't know anything about how we evaluated assets and whether we lied or were inconsistent, and then potentially he takes the fifth, but it's again something coming at him personally as a civil suit, so it's of a piece with the other story you just mentioned."

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Donald Trump Jr. appeared before the New York Attorney General