New revelation about Melania's strained relationship with Trump ridiculed by CNN panel
President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump.

Reacting to a new claim made by former White House press secretary that an uninterested Melania Trump shuffled off to bed early on election night in 2020 with her husband's political future in doubt, a CNN panel ridiculed the news as more evidence that the first couple don't have much of a marriage.

According to a Politico report -- based upon revelations made by Stephanie Grisham -- Melania "spent part of election night 2020 asleep as her husband fretted over vote counting and network coverage while huddled with advisers at the White House."

Speaking with CNN "New Day" hosts Brianna Keilar and John Berman, conservative CNN contributor S.E. Cupp couldn't help herself as she smiled and commented on the Trump marriage.

Following a discussion about Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's dress at the Met Gala on Monday night, host Keilar asked, "We're learning from an upcoming book by Stephanie Grisham, former top aide to the White House. Fair to say this is a juicy, juicy book. One of the details we learned of is Melania Trump was asleep on election night. That she had to be woken up for then-president Trump's concession speech."

"Non-concession speech," she corrected herself. "That's weird, S.E., weird."

'I don't know," Cupp said with a smirk. "I imagine I would have wanted to sleep through a lot of that administration and my marriage to Donald Trump. I'm sure she, you know, had a headache a lot of nights."

"I'm not all that surprised, honestly" she continued. "She was not very engaged and I don't know how to read that. I'm not going to put her on the couch."

"Come on, S.E. !" Keilar protested.

"Was she confident he was going to win or she knew he wasn't? I don't know," Cupp continued. "But Melania is such an interesting mystery wrapped in a riddle in an enigma, right? She's just very hard to unfold. But the sleeping through part? I get it, I completely get."

"There's disengaged and then there's asleep, they're two different -- " Keilar protested before being cut off by the conservative commentator.

"I would have retreated to my bedroom that night too, and said, 'wake me when it's over,'" Cupp explained. "I'm sure it was a lot for her, you know, just all of the ups and downs and the craziness. I'm sure it was a lot. I can completely relate to her not wanting to be in the office with him, stand by his side, ready to go on camera. I would have wanted to go to my room, too, and said, 'call me when it's over, wake me when it's over.'"

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