GOP lawmakers privately expressing anger with Trump as RNC meeting ends: Politico reporter
Photo via AFP/C. Carlson

Appearing on CNN's "Inside Politics" on Sunday morning, Politico's Meredith McGraw revealed that Republican lawmakers are rapidly growing tired of Donald Trump and his grievances dominating the news as they try to prepare for the November midterms.

Following a discussion on the former president's waning influence on the party -- while remaining popular with his rabid base -- McGraw brought up the RNC meeting in Salt Lake City where Republicans came out grumbling about Trump -- and issues about him -- grabbing all the headlines.

"I spoke to a few senior Republican officials who were at the event there in Utah this week and they were very disappointed that the headlines that came out of this past week were all focused on Trump and the censorship of [Reps. Liz] Cheney and [Adam] Kinzinger at a time where they personally feel that they are at a political advantage when it comes to talking about the Biden administration, the economy and their handling of Covid," she told the panel. "Instead of focusing on things that they really do feel like they have a winning message on."

"Instead, what came out of the past week and what continues to come out of so many Republican events is a focus on Trump, a focus on 2020, and not a focus on the future or what their message is."

Watch below:

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