GOP insider warns Republicans what to expect from Donald Trump for the next two years
Donald Trump (Photo by Tasos Katopodis for AFP)

In an interview with the Guardian's Dave Smith, the former top adviser to Republican House speakers Paul Ryan (WI) and John Boehner (OH) said Republicans' joy at taking control of the House and possibly the Senate after Tuesday's midterm election may be short-lived because Donald Trump will likely make their lives miserable afterward.

As part of a piece detailing the former president's ongoing teasing about announcing a 2024 presidential run, and the upcoming midterm election, GOP strategist Brendan Buck said, that no matter what happens on Tuesday, Trump will make it all about himself and will haunt everything they attempt to do in Congress for the next two years.

With Smith writing, "Now Trump’s political capital is on the line again in Tuesday’s midterms, with his favoured candidates – such as Herschel Walker in Georgia and JD Vance in Ohio – facing difficult contests that could end in defeat. But with current polls showing apparent momentum for Republicans, he is likely to score at least some victories," Buck said those victories will only spur Trump on even more.

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"He tends to look out for number one at all points and he’ll take credit for the people who do win no matter how tenuous the reality of his involvement in those races," Buck predicted.

“He’s going to be moving forward regardless," he added. "He will be hanging over everything that happens in Washington over the next two years; he tends to block out the sun."

Summing up, he warned: "He’s going to make it much more difficult to govern.”

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