'Loser' Trump mocked for gloating over Virginia results: 'Look who's not demanding an audit'
Donald Trump (screengrab)

Former president Donald Trump gloated Tuesday night as results from the Virginia gubernatorial race trickled in.

With 85 percent of precincts reporting, Trump-backed Republican Glenn Youngkin maintained a solid lead over Democrat Terry McAuliffe, in a state that Trump lost by 10 points in 2020.

"It is looking like Terry McAuliffe's campaign against a certain person named 'Trump' has very much helped Glenn Youngkin," Trump said in a statement from his Save America PAC. "All McAuliffe did was talk Trump, Trump, Trump and he lost! What does that tell you, Fake News? I guess people running for office as Democrats won't be doing that too much longer. I didn't even have to go rally for Youngkin, because McAuliffe did it for me. Thank you to the MAGA voters for turning out big!"

A few reactions from Twitter below.