Trump claims Melania's White House Christmas displays got 'great reviews'

Former president Donald Trump claims first lady Melania Trump's Christmas displays at the White House got "great reviews."

Trump made the statement in an interview with Mike Huckabee for a Christmas special from Mar-a-Lago that aired Thursday night on Newsmax TV.

Huckabee asked Trump, "How does the Trump family celebrate Christmas?"

"Well, different ways for different years," Trump responded. "I mean, we had New York. Now we're in Florida. Florida's been a state that's treated me so well, and I still love New York. New York is incredible."

"Then I had the White House years, and having Christmas at the White House and being — even the environment, and Melania always did a fantastic job of fixing up the trees," Trump said. "I mean, she did magnificent displays, and generally speaking even from the super-liberal press, got great reviews, which is shocking, OK? Because they didn't like giving us good reviews."

"And then we now spend it in Florida, and Christmas in Florida is very beautiful," Trump added.

In a recent story about Jill Biden's holiday decorations, Newsweek noted that "the former first lady's stint in the White House will forever be associated with her dystopian blood-red Christmas trees in the East Colonnade in 2018 and her infamous hatred of the holiday that was leaked to the world through a secretly recorded phone call."

New York Magazine called Melania's blood-red Christmas trees "deeply haunted." And the Guardian noted that "these 40 meme-ready trees were compared to car-wash brushes, juxtaposed with iconic blood waves in Stephen King’s The Shining and photoshopped to don white bonnets – a clear reference to the long-suffering women in Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale."

Watch the clip below.

Trump on Melania's Christmas decorations