WATCH: Trump rally crowd chants ‘lock him up’ as Dr. Fauci becomes ‘the new Hillary Clinton’

The crowd at former president Donald Trump's rally in Arizona on Saturday repeatedly chanted "lock him up" when speakers, including Trump himself, mentioned Dr. Anthony Fauci's name.

Some speakers also spewed dangerous rhetoric about Fauci, including Rep. Andy Biggs (R-AZ).

"When we’re back in the majority, I’ll get to see Anthony Fauci and ask him some important questions because that man has been a destroyer," Biggs said of Fauci. After the crowd chanted "lock him up," Biggs added: "Let’s see what happens to Dr. Fauci."

Another speaker, Trump-backed Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake, told the crowd: "I want to lock somebody down, and it's that liar Dr. Fauci."

After the crowd chanted "lock him up," Lake called Fauci "bad news" and said she also wants to imprison "anybody who was involved in that corrupt shady, shoddy election of 2020. Lock them up."

The crowd also erupted into a "lock him up" chant during Trump's speech, after the former president said Fauci is "like the king."

Watch below.