'Trump could end up in an orange jumpsuit' as the walls close in and his world 'crumbles': biographer
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In interviews with the Guardian's Ed Pilkington, two people who have been closely associated with Donald Trump going back years claimed that his whole world is falling apart after the Supreme Court turned its back on him and New York Attorney General appears to have enough evidence of fraud by the Trump Organization, the former president and his children Don Jr. and Ivanka Trump.

According to his report, Trump built a golf course in 2006 that set in motion a string of financial statements about his properties over the years that demonstrated a Trump propensity for over-valuing them and that, in turn, raised red flags that drew the attention of NY AG Leticia James.

With James issuing a statement saying, "We have uncovered significant evidence that suggests Donald J Trump and the Trump Organization falsely and fraudulently valued multiple assets and misrepresented those values to financial institutions for economic benefit,” Trump's former lawyer and biographer claim the ex-president's past has finally caught up to him.

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According to former Trump attorney and "fixer" Michael Cohen, "The House of Trump is crumbling.”

As Pilkington reports, "Cohen, who was released in November from house arrest having had his own legal difficulties, has skin in this game. It was his testimony to the House oversight committee in February 2019 that sounded the alarm over allegedly inflated evaluations in Trump’s financial statements, which in turn prompted James to open her investigation the following month."

According to Cohen, "My testimony before the committee as well as my subsequent cooperation with the New York attorney general has led to this day. We are seeing individuals who have continuously escaped responsibility for their actions finally being held accountable.”

Biographer Tim O'Brien claimed that Trump should be even more worried about being investigated by Manhattan district attorney, Alvin Bragg, who the columnist described as a "tenacious and relentless prosecutor equipped with a large and highly experienced team of investigators."

"Bragg is asking exactly the same questions as James: did the Trump Organization commit accounting, bank, tax or insurance fraud? The critical difference is that Bragg’s investigation is criminal, threatening Trump not with fines but prison time," Pilkington wrote with O'Brien contributing, "Trump could end up in an orange jumpsuit at the end of that one."

"His book TrumpNation, a 2005 biography that raised doubts about Trump’s actual wealth in eerily similar terms to the James and Bragg investigations today, so irked the real estate developer that he sued O’Brien for billions of dollars," the columnist elaborated. "O’Brien’s lawyers deposed Trump as part of his defense. Over two days they managed to do something that has rarely been done before or since – they got the celebrity to acknowledge, no fewer than 30 times, that he had lied."

According to O'Brien, "This is behavior that Trump has been engaging with since he was a toddler, frankly,” before adding, "There was ample fodder in my book for prosecutors to pursue, but nobody picked it up. Law enforcement simply didn’t take Donald Trump seriously until it was too late.”

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