Infamous Trump supporter who painted over BLM mural charged with burglary and meth possession

A Trump-loving couple best known for painting over a Black Lives Matter mural is facing new felony charges for allegedly burglarizing a dead man's home.

David Nelson, 54, and Nicole Anderson, 43, made national headlines after they were caught on video defacing the Black Lives Matter mural in Martinez, California, on July 4, 2020. Fox News host Tucker Carlson even called the couple "brave" and said the prosecutor who later charged them with a hate crime should be impeached.

Nelson and Anderson are slated for trial later this year on the charges stemming from defacing the mural. But in the meantime, they've had another run-in with the law.

Nelson and Anderson were each charged Jan. 12 with second-degree burglary, a felony. In addition, Nelson was charged with two counts of possessing methamphetamine for sale.

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"Prosecutors allege that Nelson and Anderson broke into the home of a recently-deceased man," the Mercury News reported Wednesday. "Authorities say the sheriff was receiving regular calls in December from residents complaining that cars were parking there at irregular hours. On Dec. 4, two cars later linked to Nelson and Anderson were seen outside, according to authorities. The following day, a deputy pulled over Nelson near the area, searched his vehicle, and allegedly found property from the home, as well as approximately 80 grams of methamphetamine."

Police later served a search warrant at the couple's home and found more of the deceased man's property, as well as an additional 120 grams of meth, the newspaper reported.

The mural incident in 2020 sparked protests and counterprotests, with the couple's attorney calling the charges against them outrageous and politically motivated. In video of the incident, Nelson could be seen wearing a "Make America Great Again" hat and a "Four More Years" T-shirt.

Watch it below.

Trump Supporters Deface Black Lives Matter Mural in Martinez CA