'Complete nonsense': George Conway trashes RNC chair for resolution defending MAGA rioters
George Conway (Photo: Screen capture)

On Friday's edition of CNN's "Anderson Cooper 360," conservative attorney George Conway tore into the Republican National Committee for their resolution appearing to defend the Capitol attackers, or at least the allies of former President Donald Trump who plotted to overturn the election.

"Does it make any sense that the RNC put out the official resolution equating a violent attack on the Capitol with ... 'legitimate political discourse'?" asked Cooper.

"What Ronna McDaniel said was complete nonsense," said Conway. "If they wanted to make clear between political discourse and the violence at the Capitol, they could have been more specific, but they didn't. They are lumping everybody together, including the insurrectionists. Trump is talking about pardoning these people and he is not making a distinction between the people charged with seditious conspiracy and those that watched the rally and went home."

"I think the criticism from the Republican National Committee is that somehow the January 6 Committee exceeded their mandate and have gone beyond what happened that day. But it hasn't, really," continued Conway. "You can't just look at what happened within a two-block radius of Capitol Hill for two hours on January 6. It did not just happen accidentally. It did not just happen randomly."

"I don't know who they are talking about when they are talking about 'legitimate political discourse,'" added Conway. "The people breaking glass? Are they talking about the people that put up the gallows to say 'Hang Mike Pence'? The people that signed fake electoral votes at the behest of the Trump campaign? Is it legitimate political discourse for John Eastman and Jeffrey Clark to basically make fake theories overruling the Constitution and 12th Amendment and Electoral Count Act of 1887? Those two guys. Is it legitimate political discourse, those two that pled the Fifth Amendment before the January 6 Committee? I don't think so. If somebody was engaged in legitimate political discourse they have nothing to fear from the January 6 Committee, or anything else."

Watch below:

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