'Could you pass the salt?' Former RNC chair mocks Trump by eating paper on live TV

MSNBC analyst Michael Steele mocked former President Donald Trump's alleged destruction of White House records on Thursday by eating a piece of paper on live TV.

"Well, first, could you pass the salt?" Steele said in a response to a question from host Joy Reid about the widening Trump scandal, before placing a piece of paper in his mouth.

"Yummy, yummy. Pass the salt, please," Steele said, imitating Trump's voice, before apparently removing the paper from his mouth. "I'm stupid!"

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After the Washington Post initially reported on Trump's habit of tearing up records last week, former White House aide Omarosa Manigault Newman told MSNBC that the former president also liked to chew on the pieces.

"As for Hillary Clinton and her emails, I don't want to hear another word, not a damn word, from anybody, talking about Hillary Clinton and national security and her server," Steele said later in the segment. "After this son of a you-know-who is sitting up there eating documents, please!"

Watch below.

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