‘Dumpster fire is more accurate’: Trump mocked for calling his presidency a ‘romantic period’
Donald Trump posing with a Bible in front of St. John's church (screengrab)

During a phone interview with Fox & Friends on Saturday morning, Donald Trump referred to his presidency as "a romantic period."

"Our country was thriving. We were just beating everybody," Trump said.

"And they view it as a romantic period I think, and I think that's really why it's doing so well, because there is a lot of romance to the book," he added, apparently referring to his memoir, "Our Journey Together," which is getting panned by critics.

"Despite all of the vicious hoaxes and scams that they pulled and made-up stories like Russia, Russia, Russia — you know, you had the Mueller, you had impeachment hoax No. 1, impeachment hoax No. 2," Trump said. "Despite all of that, they view it as a very glamorous time because our country was doing so well, and we were respected. Putin respected us, and President Xi of China respected us. Kim Jong-un respected us. They all did. I tell you, Iran really respected us. ... And people viewed it as a very beautiful and maybe romantic time in a sense, despite all of the nonsense by the other side, the radical left I call it, because that's what it is, they're sick. So it was a beautiful time and people loved it."

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