Trump’s properties see ‘steep drop’ in MAGA political profits at ‘perilous time’: report
Donald Trump (center) stands between his daughter Tiffany (left) and wife Melania (right) at the opening for Trump International Hotel in DC. Image via screengrab.

Former president Donald Trump's properties brought in $1.46 million in revenue from GOP candidates and committees in 2021, according to a report from the Center for Responsive Politics.

"But the total represents a steep drop over previous years—Trump’s first year out of office looks a lot like his first year in office—and comes at a perilous time, when the former president’s profits are hurting and prosecutors appear to be sharpening their knives," the Daily Beast reported Tuesday.

In past years, Trump's own political committees have led the way in spending at his properties. But in 2021, the majority of political revenue came from the national party and GOP candidates.

"In all, Trump’s committees have cycled nearly $22 million in donor money back to his businesses since he announced his candidacy in 2015, with his GOP allies adding another approximately $5 million," the Daily Beast reports. "When Trump left office, however, those numbers plummeted."

In addition to an overall decrease in revenue, Trump's properties saw a decline in the number of candidates and committees who spent money there — from 177 in 2020 to 75 in 2021, according to the site. And many of the 2021 expenditures came from new MAGA candidates who lined up to curry favor with him, especially in the second half of the year. Seven of the 13 candidates who spent at least $10,000 at Trump's properties last year have never held federal office.

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