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Donald Trump frowning (Mandel Ngan:AFP)

Former president Donald Trump's freedom is in jeopardy following Mazars USA's decision to drop his company as a client of the accounting firm, according to attorney Philip Rotner.

"My legal analysis is that Trump is in big trouble," Rotner told MSNBC on Wednesday night. "His accounting firm for 10 years fired him. Accounting firms don't fire their clients, especially their big clients, and they cited a non-waivable conflict of interest, which means they're adverse to him. They're no longer protecting him. They're protecting themselves. They also warned off users that they couldn't rely on the financial information that Trump has supplied. That's terrible in a business where your life blood is access to cash and loans from banks. There are outstanding loans that could be called on the basis of the accounting firm saying the financial information supplied is no longer reliable. And it could be almost impossible for Trump to find new sources of cash, because who's going to rely on his financial statements now?"

"Worse yet, all of this is happening in the midst of a civil and criminal investigations taking place in New York," Rotner added. "That all lines up to potential legal disaster for Trump — for his business, and potentially for his freedom."

Asked to what degree he believes Mazars USA is cooperating with the investigations, Rotner said he believes the firm is "deep into the self-protective mode."

"They can't do anything about what's happened (in the past)," he said. "All they can do now is figure out the best way to move forward, and I think they've figured out that the best way to move forward is to cooperate. They know everything, and so we know that they're talking to the district attorney in Manhattan. We know they've provided reams of documents, and right now they're spending a lot of time with their lawyers as well, and I'm sure their lawyers are telling them, 'Cooperate.' Firing Trump was a good first step, it was a little late, and they may have some making up to do for that lateness, but they're now I think doing what they can to get in front of this and protect themselves and not worry about protecting Trump."

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