Trump ‘fawning over Putin’ viewed by Dems as ‘manna from heaven for Biden’: report
Kremlin photos of Putin and Trump

Former president Donald Trump's praise for Russian president Vladimir Putin leading up to the Ukraine invasion is like "manna from heaven for (President Joe) Biden," according to one expert.

"Democrats decried Trump's praise this week for Putin's 'savvy' and his 'genius' tactics in Ukraine as 'undermining national security' and 'near treasonous,'" Insider reported Friday. "But his statements also represent 'a great opportunity for Democrats,' Democratic pollster Celinda Lake wrote in an email to Insider."

"It reveals Biden to be a strong, patriotic leader," Lake told the site. "And Trump to be a self-centered politician who will sacrifice anything for his own advancement."

Lake also noted that most older Americans won't side with Russia, and said Trump is reminding people of his "dangerous ties" to Russia.

Democratic pollster Brad Bannon agreed, saying that from a political standpoint, "it's manna from Heaven for Biden."

"Here you've got Putin invading a fledgling democracy that can't defend itself," Bannon said. "And meanwhile, you have the most prominent and visible Republicans in the country, you know, taking Putin's side and so it's a major political hit against the Republicans."

Democratic strategist Joe Trippi said, "I think Trump did amazing damage to himself."

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