‘Laughable’: Morning Joe mocks reports showing Trump’s unhappy with GOP candidate’s work ethic
Mika Brzezsinki and Joe Scarborough (MSNBC)

MSNBC's Joe Scarborough laughed about reports showing former President Donald Trump was unhappy with the work ethic of one of the Republican candidates he had endorsed.

The former president has reportedly washed his hands of David Perdue, the former GOP senator who's running for Georgia governor on a platform based on Trump's election lies, but he won't be lending any more support as his low-effort campaigns sinks ahead of next week's primary.

"An adviser said Donald Trump did more to elect David Perdue than David Perdue," said NBC News reporter Marc Caputo, who reported the split between the former president and the Senate candidate. "Trump believes that Perdue's work ethic has been shoddy. Republicans in other races when we discuss Perdue with them, they said the problem is Perdue. He doesn't really like campaigning, he doesn't really like voters, he doesn't really like raising money and talking to donors, and he doesn't like giving campaign speeches. That's a problem if you're running a statewide campaign."

"Part of the result of what we're seeing in the polls so far with [Gov. Brian] Kemp dominating him is just that fact," Caputo added, "Perdue probably wasn't the right candidate, or this wasn't the right time to take on a Republican candidate like Gov. Kemp in this year when he is running for re-election."

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Scarborough mocked the idea that Trump was critical of someone else's supposed laziness.

"Donald Trump criticizing somebody's work ethic?" he said. "That's laughable considering the man had too much executive time on his hands so he could watch cable news all day while president."

"Lots of TV watching and tweeting," agreed co-host Mika Brzezinski, "as long as he could."

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