Trump delivered address to conference ahead of talk show host who called Jews 'stinking excrement': report
Donald Trump (Photo via AFP)

According to a report from the Guardian, Donald Trump made a remote address to attendees at a CPAC conference in Hungary that was followed by a forum hosted by a notorious talk show host famous for referring to Jews as 'stinking excrement” along with attacking the Black Lives Matter movement.

As the Guardian's Julian Borger and Flora Garamvolgyi report, Trump was introduced to the crowd and appeared on a video screen where he praised recently re-elected prime minister Viktor Orbán, telling the audience, "He is a great leader, a great gentleman, and he just had a very big election result. I was very honored to endorse him."

However, as the report notes, Trump was soon followed by controversial Zsolt Bayer who hosted a talk on gender issues, with the Guardian noting his previous inflammatory comments and writings on his blog.

According to the report, "Bayer, a television talk show host in Hungary, has been widely denounced for his racism. During the 2020 Black Lives Matter protests, he wrote on his blog: 'Is this the future? Kissing the dirty boots of f*cking [racist epithet] and smiling at them? Being happy about this? Because otherwise they’ll kill you or beat you up?'"

Additionally Bayer has "used the phrase 'stinking excrement' to refer generically to Jews in England, and in 2013 wrote: 'a significant part of the Roma are unfit for coexistence. They are not fit to live among people. These Roma are animals and they behave like animals.'"

According to the report, Matt Schlapp, the force behind CPAC refused to comment on the inclusion of Bayer, but did complain on his website that the "Leftist media launched a coordinated smear campaign” on the event.

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