Backlash-fearing Trump is privately trashing the Supreme Court's destruction of abortion rights: report
Donald Trump (Photo via AFP)

According to a report from Rolling Stone's Asawin Suebsaeng and Nikki McCann Ramirez, Donald Trump is putting on a brave face by praising the Supreme Court's controversial decision to overturn the 50-year-old Roe v Wade decision, but in private is worried about the backlash and what it might mean for his political future.

The former president praised the decision that roiled the country on Friday and his political operation fired off a fundraising email that read in part, "Roe v. Wade has been OVERTURNED thanks to Pres Trump! Do you support the Supreme Court’s decision? TELL US HERE,” in an attempt to cash in.

However, the report quotes an associate of the former president who said he has been "sh*tting" on the decision since an early draft was leaked weeks ago.

According to the report, "Publicly, the former president took credit for abrogating the rights of millions of American women, putting out a statement saying Roe’s repeal was 'only made possible because I delivered everything as promised, including nominating and getting three highly respected and strong Constitutionalists confirmed to the United States Supreme Court.' But privately, the former president is anxious about what the end of Roe, and the flood of extreme Republican state-level anti-abortion laws it will unleash, will mean for the GOP’s electoral prospects — and for his own."

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On that note, the Trump insider admitted, "He keeps sh*tting all over his greatest accomplishment. When you speak to him, it’s the response of someone fearing the backlash and fearing the politics of what happens when conservatives actually get what they want [on abortion]," before adding, "I do not think he’s enjoying the moment as much as many of his supporters are, to be honest with you.”

The report adds, "In May, Trump privately complained to allies that he worried the Republicans' extreme position on abortion would hurt his position with suburban women. A source told Rolling Stone that Trump was 'worried women in the suburbs could punish him for this one day.'"

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