angry trump
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Donald Trump's campaign is ruling out anyone who has worked for Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis.

Trump aide Justin Caporale confirmed to NBC News that the former president's re-election campaign will blacklist political operatives who assists DeSantis, who is considering a Republican primary challenge.

Caporale, ironically, worked for DeSantis' first gubernatorial campaign in 2018 and briefly served as his director of external affairs, but has worked himself back into Trump's good graces, as have others in the ex-president's orbit, including top aide Susie Wiles.

DeSantis has hinted at entering the 2024 race, but his allies have said he doesn't plan to make an announcement until at least June, when Florida's legislative session will be over.

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Trump, who maintains a strong polling lead over DeSantis, held his first major campaign rally Saturday in Waco, Texas, where he took shots at his chief GOP rival.

“He’s got no personality," Trump said. "That tends to be bad for a politician.”