Trump had a colonoscopy at Walter Reed — but wouldn't use anesthesia because it'd hand Pence control: new book
Trump, Mike Pence and CDC for coronavirus (Photo: Screen capture)

Former White House press secretary Stephanie Grisham's new book revealed a slew of previously unknown details hidden by President Donald Trump's administration. According to her book, Trump had to have a colonoscopy but refused to go under anesthesia because doing so would incapacitate him.

The New York Times reported the excerpt of the book Tuesday, possibly explaining a "mysterious" 2019 trip to Walter Reed that was never fully disclosed to the public. When a president is under anesthesia, they would have to temporarily sign over power to the vice president, but Trump didn't want to hand over any control to Mike Pence.

Trump also didn't want anyone to know about the colonoscopy because he assumed he'd be "the butt of a joke" for late-night comedians.

While Grisham didn't specify the procedure, she gave enough details to make it clear what it was. She called it "a very common procedure" for which "a patient is sometimes put under." She even noted that former President George W. Bush had one as president. Bush signed over his powers to former Vice President Dick Cheney when he underwent a colonoscopy in 2007.

She noted in the book that Trump could have used the procedure as an opportunity to promote good health and cancer screenings, "but as with COVID, he was too wrapped up in his own ego and his own delusions about his invincibility."

Trump has responded to the book not by refuting the allegations, but by attacking Grisham and her job performance.

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