Trump falsely claims he was proven right about Wuhan lab leak theory
Donald Trump (YouTube)

Donald Trump blamed China for the novel coronavirus in a new radio interview.

The twice-impeached one-term president appeared Tuesday morning on the syndicated "Real America's Voice" program, where he claimed credit for economic success and claimed COVID-19 originated in a Chinese lab -- which U.S. intelligence agencies have been unable to confirm.

"With COVID, the China virus is so horrible," Trump said, "and it came from the lab in Wuhan."

Trump then claimed he and host John Fredericks had been vindicated.

"Remember when I said that and it was, like, a firestorm, and people were being taken off Twitter and Facebook, and now it turns out that that was right," Trump said. "We were right about a lot of things, John, you and I, we were right about a lot of things."