If voters knew more about Biden, Trump would have won — 'but we won anyway': ex-president claims
Donald Trump CPAC (Screen Grab)

After showing up about 40 minutes late, disgraced former president, Donald Trump, proclaimed that there were people standing in line outside begging to get in to see him.

CPAC chair Matt Schlapp introduced him as if he was the current President of the United States.

Trump announced to the crowd that as early as a year before the election Democrats would say that Texas was "in play." He said that "in play" meant that the election was close. Texas being "in play" actually meant that there was a chance of Democrats doing well and prevailing in the state. The Democrats didn't begin the election more than a year ahead.

"I told you this was going to happen," Trump said, saying that he would bring back their energy. Texas power went out in the winter after a massive storm. In the heatwave, they also began begging people in the state to conserve energy.

"They have completely obliterated your energy industry," Trump said. "I told you!"

Trump appears to be caught between low gas prices and oil company profits. Typically when gas prices go up oil companies do better. So the gas prices dipped during 2020, hurting the energy industry.

Trump mocked a protester at one point, joking that he was "Going back to mom," one of his favorite ways to mock his protesters. He then claimed that the protester's mom was one of his supporters.

He bragged that under President Joe Biden more immigrants have been let in the country and attacked "illegal youth." He also complained that those youth are being settled in cities and towns on the taxpayer's dime. He then attacked "chain migration," the practice where someone becomes a citizen and then brings their family into the country. It's the same thing Melania Trump did with her family when she married Trump.

"Our whole country has become a border," Trump said, without explaining what he meant.

Trump then complained that there was a crime wave going on. Republicans have attacked Democrats saying that the crime wave is striking the country but they're comparing the numbers to 2020 when the whole country was under lockdown. He said that the only people being prosecuted are "innocent Republicans."

He then tried to use the crime data to say that if people want to really do something about crime to elect Republicans, but Republicans actually worked to defund Capitol Police when given the opportunity to increase their funding. Democrats supported it.

Trump moved on to brag about his class-action lawsuit and accused "big tech" of attacking his free speech and First Amendment rights. Trump accused Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg of spending $400 million on the 2020 election and funded ballot drop boxes. The facts are quite different.

He then spouted the QAnon conspiracy theories about Hunter Biden. Trump then said that polls show that if voters knew about Hunter Biden that they would have won - but "don't worry, we won anyway."

During his attack on the election, Trump proclaimed, "I only speak the truth."

In an earlier interview with Fox News, Trump said that there was a campaign finance reason that he couldn't announce whether or not he would be running in 2024. The campaign finance problem he might have is that if he says he isn't running for office, his campaign donations might dry up.

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