Trump to blame for 'embarrassing' end of David Perdue's political career: Mitch McConnell adviser
David Perdue 9Photo by Gage Skidmore via Flickr)

During a panel discussion on Sunday morning's CNN's "State of the Union," a close adviser to Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell claimed that Donald Trump can be held personally responsible for former Sen. David Perdue's political career coming to an embarrassing end.

Speaking with host Dana Bash, GOP consultant Scott Jennings claimed he saw no path for Perdue to be successful in his race to unseat Georgia's Republican Gov. Brian Kemp and that Trump is to blame.

With Perdue headed to certain defeat according to a Fox News poll, Jennings claimed Perdue deserved better and that Trump's insistence that he run against Kemp instead for his old seat in the Senate that he lost due to Trump's meddling was a terrible idea.

After co-panelist and former Trump administration spokesperson Alyssa Farah Griffin stated "Donald Trump's biggest issue that he's facing is that he's making endorsements based on grievance and his own personal vendettas versus who is electable, a good candidate and able to win in a general election," Jennings jumped in.

"Governors' races are often about competency and likability" Jennings explained. "Kemp is competent and likable. David Perdue .... it's sad here. Donald Trump cost him his Senate seat and now Donald Trump has not helped him win this governor's race."

"His career is going to end with two really embarrassing losses with Donald Trump involved in them," Jennings added. "Good for Brian Kemp who stayed the course and showed what you can do when you have a real record to run on and you don't have to kowtow to this and you don't have to change yourself -- be who you are and that authenticity has carried him."

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