Trump boosting sketchy claims of ballot stuffing as early voting starts
Donald Trump shows passion while delivering a campaign rally speech at the Mohegan Sun Arena. (Evan El-Amin /

Donald Trump and his right-wing allies are pushing wild election-fraud conspiracy theories as ballots have already started being cast in some states.

Posts on Reddit and other social media sites are purporting to show evidence of ballot stuffing, including photos taken by volunteers from the right-wing Clean Elections USA group, whose members are monitoring drop boxes for so-called "ballot mules," and the former president has been boosting those claims, reported Vice.

“My dedicated dropbox watching team caught this and sent it up the chain. What do you see in the picture?” said Clean Elections USA founder Melody Jennings, whose Truth Social post was shared by Trump to his 3.1 million followers.

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Her group and others like it cropped up in response to the debunked conspiracy film "2000 Mules" produced by conservative activist Dinesh D'Souza, and they're trying to prove Democrats are dumping fraudulent votes into ballot boxes, but even those inclined to agree aren't convinced by the evidence they've gathered so far.

“You want evidence?" said one Reddit user in response. "Set it to video, wait until he’s pulled a stack of ballets [sic] out of his car, get a few fellow law-abiding citizens to hold the guy down, call the cops and point out the likely car full of f*cking ballets. That’s the only way anything is going to stop."