Trump's endorsements of 'incredibly damaged' candidates has GOP strategists in a panic: report
Donald Trump (AFP)

According to a report from the conservative Washington Examiner, Republican insiders worry Donald Trump may cost them a chance at reclaiming control of the Senate in the 2022 midterm election by endorsing candidates whose negatives far outweigh the positives of his support among GOP voters.

Of particular concern is the prospect of losing two GOP-held U.S. Senate seats in Pennsylvania and Missouri and a chance at a pick-up in Georgia.

As Kate Scanlon of the Examiner wrote, "To win a majority, Republicans would need to maintain their 50 current seats and pick up just one additional seat," however, "some Republicans are growing increasingly concerned that candidates in states crucial to winning a majority in the chamber may have baggage that could sink their bids."

Focusing on on Pennsylvania, where Sen. Pat Toomey (R) is retiring, the report states that the rising prominence of Sean Parnell, who is dogged by allegations of spousal abuse and violence, could destroy his chances in the general election if he gets that far.

Speaking of Parnell, who lost a bid for a House seat in 2020, political strategist Christopher Nicholas lamented, "I think you have some people asking, why further complicate it for ourselves?"

Republican insiders are encouraged by the prospect of Parnell falling by the wayside, with Scanlon writing the candidate's "...campaign has reported less-than-stellar fundraising numbers since the domestic abuse allegations surfaced, although Trump has shown no signs of rescinding his endorsement."

In Missouri, Republicans are in open revolt over the possibility that former Gov. Eric Greitens -- who has yet to receive Trump's endorsement and also has a sordid and highly publicized sex scandal in his past -- will be the nominee.

"Republicans will win this seat in a walk, provided we don't nominate an incredibly damaged candidate like Eric Greitens," Missouri GOP campaign consultant Gregg Keller bluntly stated before adding, "We win this thing unless we do something silly like nominate someone with as much baggage as Eric Greitens."

Keller added that Greitens' history is too much to overcome in a general election, saying, "They need to be reminded, and will be reminded, Greitens quit as governor, not after he'd been impeached, he didn't wait."

In Georgia, Republicans are worried about former NFL player Herschel Walker who is seeking the GOP nomination to face Sen. Raphael Warnock (D) with Trump's blessing.

Once again, Walker has a history of accusations of marital abuse -- including pointing a gun at his wife and threatening "I'm going to blow your f***ing brains out."

The Examiner's Scanlon adds, "Walker's primary opponent Gary Black has said the violent episodes should disqualify him as a candidate."

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