Trump biographer nails 'fat Elvis' ex-president as 'begging for people to like him'

Speaking to CNN's Jim Acosta on Sunday afternoon, biographer Michael D'Antonio mocked former President Donald Trump for his sad life post-presidency.

Last week, Trump took over a wedding at Mar-a-Lago to deliver a rally speech attacking Democrats and President Joe Biden to those he considered to be allies at his club.

D'Antonio called the ex-president a "wedding crasher" in an attempt to "air his grievances."

"Typically former presidents try to build on their legacies by taking on big charitable endeavors," Acosta noted. "Jimmy Carter built houses. George W. Bush has his library down in Texas. Barack Obama is doing that right now in Chicago. He's been working on so many different causes. Is this just filling Donald Trump's need of 'they like me, they really, really like me?' Is that what's going on here?"

D'Antonio explained that Trump is "very needy."

"So, he is going to go around begging for people to like him," D'Antonio continued. "In that wedding crasher bit, he asked, do you miss me yet? And it was really begging for people to applaud and say, yeah, we miss you."

"Almost a please clap kind of moment, right?" Acosta joked, referring back to former Gov. Jeb Bush (R-FL) who begged a presidential crowd audience to clap for something he said.

"Yep. It's Sally Field. You love me. You really love me," D'Antonio said, referring back to the 1980s Oscar speech from the actress. "And you know, by the time Obama actually was a former president he was already two years into his project called My Brother's Keeper. President Clinton doesn't have a personal website. You go to the Clinton Foundation, and you see these initiatives all over the world. There is great value in the presidency if you want to do good. Donald Trump is going to find out, is there great value if you want to try and sort of turn people into gullible customers. Buy my greeting. Buy my tchotchkes. I think we should look for merchandising to start very soon."

Acosta said he keeps thinking that Dean Martin and Sammy Davis Jr. would come out and join Trump at the wedding. "It's almost sad to look at. It is sad to look at.

"This would be -- this would be his fat Elvis period," D'Antonio joked. "You know, the president -- President Trump used to think of him -- himself as an Elvis type of character. And sadly we are in that era for him."

The comment sent Acosta into a fit of laughter.

See the full interview below:

Fat Elvis Trump