'Shaky and unsustainable': Trump's fundraising PAC's are bleeding cash
Saul Loeb (Photo by Saul Loeb for AFP)

According to reporting by the Daily Beast's Roger Sollenberger, Donald Trump's PAC's are struggling to keep the coffers full as fundraising lags and expenses pile up.

As previously reported, based upon the latest FEC reports, the former president raised $24 million in the last three months, but incurred expenses of $22 million to raise that cash.

As Sollenberger explained, during that same period "... the embattled ex-president also spent more than $37 million over the same period, coming out with a net loss of around $13 million."

"In real terms, Trump’s fundraising last quarter was actually something closer to $3.6 million—that’s how much he actually raised for his two main committees, which he can use for things like political activity, events, legal fees, and enriching his businesses," the Beast report states. "But while those two committees took in about $3.6 million, they also spent roughly $15.5 million on operating costs."

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As Sollenberger notes, a substantial amount of that money has gone to legal fees, which he put at $7.5 million, which is contributing to the PAC's barely keeping up.

While noting the former president's "Save America has about $92 million cash on hand, which Trump can use to influence allies, line his pockets, bankroll a likely 2024 presidential bid, and deter challengers within the party," Sollenberger wrote that there are concerns that fundraising may be tailing off as other Republicans are increasingly grabbing more donor cash.

"Still, the unusually high spending-to-raising ratio lends further credence to concerns that, as Republicans in general have been raising more money, Trump’s own efforts are growing more shaky and unsustainable. After years of barraging supporters with fundraising requests, he may actually be struggling to find donors who are willing and able to give him money," he wrote.

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