Trump has a money problem in New York: 'More people see him, the worse he looks'
Donald Trump (Photo via AFP)

As Donald Trump ramps up his third run for the U.S. presidency he likely will not be funding his campaign with much in the way of donations from big-money conservatives in New York City who have supported him previously.

According to a report from the New York Times, the former president is becoming yesterday's news as more promising potential 2024 Republican presidential candidates are making the rounds looking for donations.

The report notes that Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin, a former Carlyle Group C.E.O., is using his ties to the financial community to set up meetings and gain support.

And he is not the only one, including former vice president Mike Pence.

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"Mr. Pence held private meetings in New York City with an undisclosed number of potential donors, part of his efforts as he considers running for president. He has been in New York a number of times, making media appearances but also forging connections with Republican donors who liked aspects of the Trump-era policies but did not care for Mr. Trump’s behavior," the Times is reporting.

According to former Sen. Alfonse D’Amato (R-NY), now a lobbyist, Trump is on the outs with New York's wealthy conservatives.

“Most of these people are coming in only because they are looking to raise money. Where is the money? The money is in New York,” he told the Times before adding, "I’d be the first to tell you that as a president, he did a good job. But thereafter he just butchered himself. He blew the election and claims it was a stolen one. They outhustled you, they outsmarted you, they outcampaigned you.”

With that said, he stated that Trump's past seems to have caught up with him.

"No way does Trump have New York locked up,” he asserted. “The more people see him, the worse he looks.”

One former Trump supporter, grocery store magnate John Catsimatidis, admits he is also looking elsewhere if the former president doesn't change his tune.

“I have advised him that he should be telling people how good he is, and the good things he accomplished for our country versus how bad the other people are,” he admitted. “He has to be able to achieve 51 percent, and you’re not going to achieve 51 percent unless you can get the people in the middle to go your way.”

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