Donald Trump called up Melania to complain about mean tweets from ‘nasty’ George Conway: new book
Melania Trump (Photo by Saul Loeb for AFP)

On Wednesday, Business Insider reported former White House counselor Kellyanne Conway alleges in her new book that former President Donald Trump called his first lady to whine about Conway's husband's tweets criticizing him.

"In her new book 'Here's the Deal: A Memoir,' Trump's former senior counselor Kellyanne Conway described how Melania Trump once defended her to Trump as he fumed over the feud," reported Nicole Gaudiano and Brent Griffiths. "'This guy is nasty. He won't stop,' Trump was telling his wife on the phone, according to Kellyanne Conway who could hear the conversation. 'And it's our Kellyanne. She's my top person. She knows a lot, too! What are we going to do?'"

"Conway quoted the former first lady's 'calm' response: ''Donald,'' she said, 'this is not her fault. And she is a big girl. Strong and confident,'" continued the report. "Then she added, according to Conway, 'We don't control our husbands — and you don't control us!"'

George Conway, a longtime Republican lawyer turned critic of the Trump administration and the GOP, has been a staple of talk shows undercutting his wife's associates, and attacking the former president on social media.

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Earlier this month, Kellyanne Conway lashed out over the rift publicly, accusing her husband of effectively having an extramarital affair with Twitter — an accusation she doubles down on in her book.

"In the book's afterword, she wrote, 'George and I may not survive,'" said the report. "'Apparently I can't compete with the tweet,' she added. 'Or ninety thousand of them. And why would I even try? She has no personality and she's not even hot. I can't imagine relying upon the odd opaque online world for comfort, friendship, or validation.'"