'A case to indict': Morning Joe astonished by 'shocking' Trump evidence in Georgia
Joe Scarborough (NBC/screen grab)

MSNBC's Joe Scarborough hasn't lost the capacity to be shocked by Donald Trump's phone call to Georgia elected officials, nearly two years after the former president was caught on tape asking them to "find" exactly enough votes to overcome his election loss.

The "Morning Joe" host played the recording again, and still laughed in astonishment by Trump's wheedling request and said that he can't imagine that he'll escape prosecution for such an obviously corrupt solicitation.

"That call never gets old, in a bad way," said co-host Mika Brzezinski, as Scarborough covered his face with his hands.

"We all grew up and we'd see reruns of 'Perry Mason,' someone breaks down on the bench and there would be the smoking gun," Scarborough said. "There's always a smoking gun. The first thing every law professor taught you was, 'This ain't "Perry Mason," there's never a smoking gun. You've got to piece your case together, the depositions, the interrogatories, piece by piece, bit by bit and over time, if you work hard enough, you'll get the theory of the case and you'll prevail in court.'"

"This is straight out of 'Perry Mason,'" Scarborough continued. "Like, Donald Trump is [saying], 'I want you to steal this election for me, get this many votes.' It's really shocking! There's no way that, I believe that -- I want to be careful what I say here. Let me just say, you certainly seem to have a prima facie case in the state of Georgia to indict Donald Trump. It's just shocking."

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