Trump furious that Mark Meadows said 'his hair was a mess' while sick with COVID-19: report
Donald Trump tears off COVID-19 mask (Photo: Screen capture)

Donald Trump is reportedly furious that Mark Meadows described his appearance while he was ill with the coronavirus.

The former White House chief of staff recently published a book about his time with Trump, who is particularly upset that Meadows described him sick in bed with COVID-19 with "red streaks" in his eyes" and "his hair was a mess," reported the Washington Post.

“This guy is talking about what I look like, in my bedroom,” Trump recently complained to one confidante, according to the Post.

Meadows also revealed that Trump had tested positive for the virus seven days before he was hospitalized, a period when the twice-impeached one-term president came into contact with more than 500 people, according to the newspaper's analysis.

Trump called the claim "fake news," and Meadows, who allies say was distraught about the former president's reaction, reneged on his previous agreement to sit down with the House select committee for an interview.

The House voted Tuesday to hold him in contempt of Congress for refusing to comply with their subpoena.