Trump snaps at Black columnist for wanting him prosecuted: 'Sick degenerate!'
Donald Trump (Photo via AFP)

Donald Trump continued on Thursday morning to use his Truth Social platform to lash out at anyone who mentions hints that he may be indicted as the result of multiple criminal investigations, this time attacking a popular New York Times columnist who recently wrote the former president can't seem to leave his past in the past and it is catching up to him.

Earlier in the week, Charles Blow, who is Black, wrote that the former president, by virtue of his Waco speech, remains "dangerous" and "He hasn’t grown much, personally or politically, since then. He’s more sure of himself and more vulgar, but narcissism is still his engine. Ultimately, if his legal issues don’t do him in, his inability to grow beyond nostalgia and negativity could."

That seems to have set the former president off, who went on a tirade on Thursday, calling Blow "Blowhard" due to his fondness for nicknames that seem to amuse his fans.

"Racist Columnist Charles Blowhard of the Failing New York Times, a sick degenerate who doesn’t like our Country or the values that made it great, prior to its massive FAILURE over the last two years, writes that I should be prosecuted by Radical Left, Soros Backed Lunatics, even without evidence, because I’m WHITE," the former president wrote despite the lack of commentary by Blow on Trump's race.

He then added, "What has our Country come to? With Blowhard’s racist words and innuendo, dumb as he is, bad things happen, and we are now a Nation in Decline being stupidly led into Workd (sic) War lll."