Donald Trump
Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

Donald Trump raised eyebrows with a pair of posts on his Truth Social platform suggesting some type of deal he had reached with the Internal Revenue Service.

The former president criticized the purported visit by an IRS agent to Substack writer Matt Taibbi's home the day he voluntarily testified before Congress on the alleged "weaponization" of the federal government, saying the move was "just plain dangerous and stupid."

"But even more dangerous & stupid is the way they have handled me, leaking information (which is illegal!) &, making a deal & then breaking it for strictly political reasons," the ex-president posted in all capital letters. "I had a 'done deal' before running for president -- they broke it! Treated worse than Tea Party & evangelicals."

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The House Ways and Means Committee issued a report in December, following a yearslong fight to obtain his tax records, that found the IRS had failed to pursue mandatory audits of him on a timely basis during his presidency, although congressional investigators produced no evidence Trump had directly discouraged the agency from reviewing his taxes.

"I could have easily made a very good deal with the IRS during my 4 years as President, but thought it inappropriate to do so," Trump posted. "Besides, I already had a deal from before my Presidency -- A deal which they choose not to honor. So now I am demanding the original deal, without late changes in the rules & regulations so that deal would be harder to make. Most people would say that after watching the Biden family take advantage of government, I should have made deal during my term. To me, CONFLICT."