Trump's latest remarks about Israel should alarm American Jews: columnist
Former president Donald Trump during an interview with Newsmax. (Screenshot)

Donald Trump's remarks about Israel are just another example that he's no real friend to Jewish people.

The twice-impeached one-term president bashed American Jews who didn't vote for him, and praised the evangelical Christians who did, while indulging in some anti-Semitic tropes about Jewish people controlling certain institutions, reported MSNBC columnist Ruth Ben-Ghiat.

"American Jews who continue to support Trump and the GOP might take a cue from the experiences of Italian Jews under fascism," Ben-Ghiat wrote. "Many of them supported Benito Mussolini for years, thinking he was the 'good' authoritarian — he persecuted other groups, but not them, unlike Hitler — only to be hit in 1938 with il Duce's antisemitic legislation and forced into ruin or exile. They learned the hard way that once violence becomes legitimized in a country, the roster of 'enemies of the people' inevitably expands."

Trump's daughter and son-in-law are observant Jews, and he has enjoyed the support of Orthodox Jews, but his pro-Israel stance was always more about securing evangelical votes than supporting Jewish people.

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"Jews around the world should see Trump's loyalty to Israel and his alliances with Israeli politicians as similarly situational and act accordingly," Ben-Ghiat wrote. "Just ask Benjamin Netanyahu, the former Israeli prime minister. He enjoyed a good relationship with Trump — until he congratulated President Joe Biden on his election victory. 'I haven't spoken to him since,' Trump told Ravid. 'F--- him.'"